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Festive Finance Issues? Here’s How We Can Help

Christmas places a strain on everyone’s finances, from personal and family finances to SMEs and Sole Traders. The festive season can be a difficult time when it comes to managing money. UK households are taking on more debt than ever before, just to make ends meet. This means individuals are sinking deeper and deeper into a financial black- hole […]


Co-parenting at Christmas

Sadly, parents separate, and this can be for all sorts of reasons.   If they are married or if both of them are named on the birth certificate, then they both have equal parental responsibility for their children.   On a day to day basis they need to make decisions together as to where the children should […]


“I want a Divorce.“ What you need to know about filing for Divorce before you say those four words

“I want a divorce”. Life changing words not to be uttered lightly! However, if that time comes, there are various points to consider before going ahead Divorce is not easy but it can be negotiated without too many storms with the right help. Choose your solicitor carefully, picking one who sticks to the Resolution Code […]

Business Purchase

The anatomy of a business purchase

Making a business purchase is a complex process. There are many elements involved, so naturally, it’s important for both buyers and sellers of a business to approach the transaction process with a clear idea of their own goals and expectations. Business sales, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in the UK. It doesn’t matter what size your business is; from a corner shop to a multi- site […]

Merger Yorkshire Day

Merger marks Yorkshire Day

Two leading, local law firms join forces this Yorkshire Day and on the 30th Anniversary of the merger of Bedwells with Watts & Co. as they strengthen their teams to continue to support individuals and businesses in Yorkshire. North Yorkshire Law and Bedwell Watts & Co. have announced a merger of the two firms, effective […]