Blog - North Yorkshire Law | Litigation Jargon Buster

In itself, litigation is a less-than-clear word. Put simply, it’s the process of taking legal action.

Here at NYL, we’re litigation experts, and we pride ourselves on speaking in clear, jargon-free language. Below are four terms from the world of litigation – with clear explanations!

1. Claimant

Previously referred to as a plaintiff, this is the name of someone making a claim in the Courts.

2. Disclosure

Disclosure or “discovery” is the process whereby each side swaps documents that are relevant to the claim.

3. Affidavit

A written declaration made under oath, for use in court proceedings. These are different from normal declarations in that they carry a heavier burden on the maker if not true.

4. Probate

This refers to the obligation of proving facts and generally lies with the claimant.

Behind every successful litigation case is a great lawyer. We’re here when you need us most.