Wills, Probate & Power of Attorney

Wills, Probate & Power of Attorney

Carefully arranging your affairs will make life easier for you and your dependants. Trusts, Wills and the use of Powers of Attorney can all be taken into account when planning your financial affairs. Our experts can ensure that, not only are you in an advantageous tax position, but also, through Inheritance Tax Planning your beneficiaries will pay as little as possible to H M Revenue and Customs.

Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your estate is distributed to your chosen beneficiaries. The cost of making a Will is likely to be a small price to pay to provide for your family’s future, security and peace of mind.

If you need advice after a loved one has passed away, then North Yorkshire Law can help take care of the administration of the estate and relieve you of additional burdens at a difficult time.

As well as arranging Powers of Attorney for individuals, we can also assist in circumstances where a person has not made a Power of Attorney and is suffering from dementia or other illness which has affected mental capacity. In these circumstances, we can assist a family member or other suitable person to make an application to the Court of Protection to be given authority to manage the person’s affairs.

Our emphasis is on client care and quality of service. We have a friendly and dedicated team who take pride and satisfaction in assisting you with your affairs. We provide an approachable and professional service. Communication is of high importance and we are committed to keeping you updated throughout and to ensuring that a member of the Team will be available to speak with you.