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The Responsibilities Of Your Litigation Lawyer

The Responsibilities of your Litigation Lawyer

Litigation lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of civil cases. They are usually involved throughout the entire legal process, starting with determining whether or not a case is worth pursuing in the first place. Often litigation…

Why Does It Take So Long To Move House?

Why Does it Take so Long to Move House?

Buying or selling a house is generally considered to be a long-winded process that takes a long time to complete. It doesn’t actually need to take so long, but as most people who have ever been involved in buying or…

4 Do’s And Don’ts: Power Of Attorney

4 Do’s and Don’ts: Power of Attorney

It is always difficult for families to decide when to approach the sensitive subject of selecting somebody to act as Power of Attorney (POA). Yet, no matter how awkward it may be to begin the discussion, it is strongly advised…

Law Firm Makes Quality Mark For Eighth Year

Law firm makes quality mark for eighth year

A Scarborough-based law firm has achieved the coveted quality mark for excellence in legal practice management for the eighth year running. North Yorkshire Law, which is based at Albemarle Crescent and has an office in Whitby, has been awarded the…

The Anatomy Of A Conveyancing Dispute

The Anatomy of a Conveyancing Dispute

Buying or selling a property can be one of the most stressful processes undertaken in modern times. Whether it’s gaining ownership of that perfect property or selling off a previous investment to secure a cash-ready nest egg for the future,…