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The Anatomy Of The Conveyancing Process

The Anatomy of the Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing for buying or selling property is a complicated process, and there are many elements involved in the entire process. Here we will try and simplify it as much as possible by breaking the procedure down into four main parts,…

Child Custody: When To Call In A Solicitor

Child Custody: When to Call in a Solicitor

It is always better for the children if both parents discuss arrangements for them in a constructive manner when their own relationship has come to an end. Unfortunately, the ending of a relationship is an emotional and often traumatic experience,…

When Do I Need To Pay Additional Stamp Duty?

When Do I Need to Pay Additional Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is a one-off tax that anyone who is buying property or land costing more than a certain amount is required to pay. The actual amount owed will be determined by factors such as the type of property and…

The Top 7 Reasons For A Divorce Exposed!

The Top 7 reasons for a divorce exposed!

The breakdown of a marriage is a stressful and upsetting experience, though this is often due to the reasons for the couple wanting a divorce in the first place. Once those reasons have been dealt with via a legal ending…

Law Jargon: 5 Common Terms And What They Mean

Law Jargon: 5 Common Terms and What They Mean

The law can be complicated even in its simplest of forms, hence why it is a profession that requires many years of dedicated studying before someone can become a recognised practitioner of the subject. There are also some legal terminologies…