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Developer: The Secrets Of An Option Agreement

Developer: The Secrets of An Option Agreement

Rural land has always been attractive to property developers and with recent positive changes in planning policy, that interest has only increased. However, developers only want land if they know planning permission will be granted for their developments, and the…

Conveyancing Fraud – How Not To Be A Victim

Conveyancing Fraud – How Not to Be A Victim

Conveyancing fraud is on the rise and is now the most common type of cybercrime affecting the legal industry, with newspaper headline after headline stating shocking cases of people being robbed of their life savings. According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA),…

Buying A Listed Building: Five Things To Consider

Buying a Listed Building: Five Things to Consider

The diverse and verdant lands of Yorkshire are scattered with beautiful, old listed buildings; in fact, in North Yorkshire alone there are a staggering 743 Grade II listed buildings. Purchasing one of these characterful properties brings with it a wealth…

Law Jargon: 5 More Common Terms And What They Mean

Law Jargon: 5 More Common Terms and What They Mean

There are so many legal terminologies that it can be almost like learning a new language to get to grips with them all. Most people have heard plenty of the words and phrases that comprise legal jargon, but without always…

The Anatomy Of The Conveyancing Process

The Anatomy of the Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing for buying or selling property is a complicated process, and there are many elements involved in the entire process. Here we will try and simplify it as much as possible by breaking the procedure down into four main parts,…